The best love stories sometimes begin unsaid, unheard. You meet someone, spend time with them and even before you know it, they become such a huge part of everything you do and everything you are that you can’t help but crave it when you aren’t with them. And that’s when you know that in the midst of all those crazy conversations you had and coffees you shared, love blossomed.

Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh are, by far, our favorite couple! They are so adorable together that you can’t help but fall for them. We ship these two with all the best wishes in the world! Stop being so cute, you two!

1. Jab They Met


They met, at first, for the test shoot of Tujhe Meri Kasam back in 2002. He was 24, she was 16. No it wasn’t love at first sight. She took him to be arrogant and proud because he was a politician’s son. But Riteish took her by surprise by being his polite and respectful self.

Riteish, being an architect by profession, discussed his ideas with her and she shared her college gossip, exams and studies with him in the shooting breaks.

2. Lovestruck!

2Genrit 22Genrit

After the shoot ended, Riteish flew back from Hyderabad and missed Genelia like hell. There, she too had gotten so used to him being around that she couldn’t help but miss him. They had become such good friends gradually that love just happened. There was no official declaration or anything as such. When you are together for so long, love comes along eventually. In Genelia’s words, “Every stage was played out very correctly- be it friends, be it best friends or life partners.”

3. That’s When I Look At You…



Aww… Just look at them! We wish someone looked at us they way he looks at her.

In today’s times where love is all about dating, courting and moving on to another when the slight rough patch looms in the corner, Genelia and Riteish re-instilled our faith in the beauty of togetherness and what magic two people can create together.

4. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Gaye!

4Genrit 44Genrit

After dating for nearly a decade, Genelia and Riteish married on February 3, 2012. Their wedding saw two beautiful ceremonies- a Hindu Maharashtrian wedding and a Christian wedding, bringing together the most adorable couple as one. The beautiful wedding pictures are evident of the love they share and how far they have come.

5. Totally Adorbs!


Even after the wedding, Riteish was supportive of Genelia’s decision to get back to work. While their respective careers took new heights, their married life couldn’t get any better. The cute couple was spotted chatting away in this adorable picture at Arpita Khan’s wedding reception.

6. Welcome To The World, Riaan!



Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh welcomed their first child on November 25, 2014. They named their son Riaan. And thanks to that, we get to have all these super sweet pictures of the family we love. Also, there on, Riteish adorably calls her ‘Riaan chi AAI’.

7. Dilwalon Ki Diwali


Smitten we are. If only our Diwali pictures were this beautiful! Here’s the lovable pair doing a little ‘Dilwale’ pose on Diwali! Aren’t we already so much in love with you guys? Do you always have to be so enchantingly gorgeous! Couple goals forever.

8. Baby #2 On Way


This beautiful baby announcement had our collective hearts melting in awe. Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh are expecting their second child and Riteish confirmed the news by posting this tweet, making media and us fans extremely happy! The glowing mommy-to-be and caring daddy-to-be leave us speechless picture after picture.

9. Love Is All We Need



These guys deserve all the love and blessings in the world for being an inspiring couple all these years. They had no link-ups, no controversies or rumors whatsoever. They dated over 9 years and that itself is commendable. Even after the wedding, they continue to woo each other and be the best of friends that they are. So much to learn from you two, Genelia and Riteish.

10. Forever Valentine



Their twitter conversations will make you skip beats like crazy! Riteish and Genelia have shared some really cute Anniversary wishes, Valentine’s Day wishes and day-to-day tweets encouraging, loving and being there for each other. This couple is at the topmost spot of our ‘Couple to be like’ list and we cannot get enough of them ever!