A relationship is built on love, trust, understanding and all that Nicholas Sparks sparkles but there is one pretty important thing that makes and breaks (ouch) relationships these days: Text messages. We can’t really decide they are a boon yet because, well you know, some people face a lot of heat because of them but as long as all is good, text messages serve as an amazing communication tool between you and your SO (special someone).


And if you have her, you very well know that communication is the key to keeping her. You leave her alone for days and think she’s still going to stick around for days when you are mad at her? Forget about it!

Boys, bring out the notebooks! Here are the 10 text-world winners to keep your girl happy.

1. “Good Morning, Gorgeous!”

A happy start to her day is good for your relationship. If you can’t physically be there to wake her up with a kiss or two, send her a cute good morning text to kick start the day on a high note. This will make her smile, wanna bet?


2. “I know you are mad at me. Go out with me, I swear I will make it up to you.”

Just because you already are with her doesn’t mean you have to stop wooing her. Keep the spark alive. If there is an argument or discord, try to make it up to her. She may have fallen for the goofy you but she sure has hell is having a tough time putting up with the angry you. Even if she is at fault, try to calm her down first and at a better moment, you can talk to her about it, not right now.





3. “Hungry? Wanna go someplace nice?”

Bonding over food is amazing. Even if things aren’t that cute sometimes, you can always go out and eat and call it a day. Let’s not encourage the non-eating, non-living barbie doll. Go on dates, romantic dinners, just casual ice cream stroll, etc. Anything that rolls for you. If you both are fitness freaks, check out some healthy options. Soya Chaap & Tandoori Chicken rule for you protein hungry souls.


4. “You make my world a very happy place, day after day.”

The dreamy confessions don’t need occasions. They can flow anywhere, anytime. Even if you are sitting with her right now, just send her this text and see her shine through rest of the evening. It doesn’t take a lot to make girls happy. You just have to strike the right strings.


5. “Mom says Hi. She’s wondering when are you coming over to meet her?”

She may not say this often but what your family thinks of her is kinda important to her. If she has met your folks (and everyone is cordial), you can bring her up in conversations. Just a casual, “Mom says… (something happy about her)”, is like a token of approval for her. This will make her feel secure. And that is a win-win situation as far as happiness is concerned.


6. “So? What do you think? Your opinion matters a lot to me. You have a way with these things. Tell me!”

Giving her a say matters to her. She asks your opinion in so many things. If you do the same, it will up her confidence and make her feel wanted. A little tareef here, a little asking-her-opinion there and bam! You have a purring, happy girlfriend.


7. “I miss you. Come soon!”

Letting her know what you feel deep inside is a sign that you are opening up to her. Guys rarely open up but if they do, the girl is super secure about the relationship. She doesn’t have to wait for an eternity for you to speak up. She wants to be wanted, she wants to be needed by someone badly. Make her feel all that and more.


8. “I may not say this often but you are, by far, the best thing that happened to me and I can’t thank the universe enough for this.”

Let me tell you the response you are going to get for this one.

“Aww…I love you, baby.”

That’s the text response. Wanna know what her face looks like when she reads this? Picture this:

She unlocks her phone, reads the message. Twice. Thrice. She can’t believe that even after all this time, you don’t fail to amaze her. Her eyes tear up but she has this million dollar smile plastered on her face. She is suddenly all giggly and hopping out of her bones out of happiness. Her heart is at peace. She types you the above text and sends. Smiles. Reads yours again. Smiles more.

Want that? Send it then.



9. “You have a surprise! Tell me what you think when you get home.”

Girls love surprises. Girls love the feeling they get when they know there is a surprise. So, they have to know, basically. But, this one will make her extremely happy. This is one surprise every guy should give to his girl: Select a dress, accessories, earrings and everything to go with it and invite her on a date!



10. “Look outside.”

When all the I miss you’s cease to satiate the heart, make this one happen. Just randomly go up to her place and text her. Let her run down the stairs in her PJs and meet you with the warmest hug possible.

This can also be a “You’ve got mail” kinda surprise. Order something for her and get it delivered. While you get the delivery confirmation message, text her this. Girls love gifts. They all do.