The crowd waits with bated breath as her heels make a rhythmic tick-tock somewhere behind the stage. Sashaying she walks in, and our collective hearts sigh. Deepika Padukone isn’t just another girl in Bollywood. She is a one-woman powerhouse. She gives her everything to any project she is a part of or take her life off-camera for instance, Deepika is a super approachable person. With a smile that warm and personality that welcoming, it’s hard to not adore her.

Now that Deepika is killing it at the International level, it’s safe to say that she has arrived and how! She never fails to amaze us with her ever-so-exceptional wardrobe, gorgeous smile and mesmerizing acting.

What was her journey like? How did Prakash Padukone’s cute little dimpled-smile darling take the Bollywood way? Here are some things you might not know about Deepika!

Read on.

1. She’s a player!

Like daddy, like daughter. That toned physique isn’t all ‘I thank my genes’ stuff. Deepika has been an active Badminton player back when she was in school. In fact, Deepika played at the National Level. And, here’s the surprise: Deepika Padukone was a state-level baseball player as well.
We all love a girl who is into sports, ain’t it!