Being in love is absolutely beautiful. And it’s even better when it just keeps better and better every day. There is a gorgeous quote going, “The best feeling in the world is… when you look at that special person and they are already smiling at you.” Everything just seems perfect because no matter what, no matter how the days are, you always have that one person to share it all with.

So, what is that he does to keep me going on and on about him like this? Let’s find out!

And now, I speak directly to you, sweetheart.

1. You Strike Magic In Monotony

I love you and I can’t help but smile when I see your name flashing on my phone every morning with a cute little “Good morning baby”. You do all these crazy adorable things that make me smile irrespective of my mood or surroundings. You crack me up in middle of a serious lecture; yes, it gets me some real tough situations sometimes but I laugh about that scenario later anyway!


2. Your Sleepy Voice

I am your first and last call of the day and you have no idea how cute you sound when you are all tired and almost dozing off. It’s adorable how you slur on little words and laugh yourself when you coin a new silly word once in a while. I love our talks and I sometimes keep these recorded for keepsake.


3. The Way You Look At Me…

…spellbound, for a few seconds before saying ‘You’re beautiful!’

I may be standing there in my pajamas and to you I am the cutest creature to ever step on this earth. And when I deck up for date night, your first expression totally floors me. You fumble for words and always, always settle for ‘My God! You’re beautiful’, making me blush better than the blusher I put on.


4. The Cute Nicknames You Call Me With When I Am Mad At You

How can I fight with you for long when you act all adorable? It’s bad manners to suddenly smile in middle of a fight but I just can’t help it. Some hilarious stale joke said at the right time gives me a laughter attack and you very well know how to play along this one.

I can’t fight with you. Period.


5. You Know When I Need Space And You Never Make Me Fight For It

You understand me and my need to be alone sometimes. You know what a mess my head is at times and how I want to crawl back in my shell and hibernate till days get better. We talk it through and you give me all the time in the world to figure things out on my own because you know it means a lot to me.

When I am working and keep the light ON all night, you don’t sweat it. You just put a pillow on your head and doze off after getting me to promise you that I will sleep in another 15 minutes. You get it that I need a girls’ session once in a few days and I love it how you encourage me to go for it every damn time!


6. You Understand My Insecurities

Getting mad at the drop of a hat is something I am a pro at. You are my best friend and I can talk to you about everything under the sun, be it about us or my school friend who is too busy to talk to me all of a sudden. Sometimes, I don’t even have to say a lot. You just understand and comfort me with a hug and peck on the cheek. Other times, you get me ice cream when I am super low and race with me on who can finish it first.

I never have to guess where you are because you tell me so. If you are out with the guys, I know it all.


7. You Introduce Me To The World As If I Am A Star

I act all modest but I secretly love how you show me around to your world, introducing me as your girl. The way in a very random moment, when I am trying to reach the support handle in metro, you take my other hand and support me or when I feel your hand around my waist in a group photograph are some of the little things that make me feel on top of the world. The rush is such that I bask in the glory of that moment even days after it happens.


8. I Don’t Have To Pretend Around You

You have seen me in my rags to diva avatar and made me feel loved in every moment. I can dig in that popcorn bucket and get all messy around you. I can talk about my greatest fears (like flying cockroaches) and then we laugh about it. I don’t have to act all goody two shoes with you by my side. I can disclose you my secrets and trust you with them.


9. You Let Me Be ‘Me’

I have your unconditional support. There is not a single time when you let me sleep on a fight. You let me out the anger and give me time to process things and then begin the ‘healing talk’, as I say it. You are magic to my problems. They disappear with the touch of your hand. I am my most raw self around you and you make me take pride in it.

10. You Are My Home

After my family, if I trust someone to keep me sane in the most irrational times, it’s you. I can run to you when I have no where to go, no one to turn around and I know you will understand. When I am looking for the best words to put something before you, you already know it. You make me believe that I am my own hero and that I don’t need saving but you have no idea how much of that is just because of you. It’s your strength that reflects in the way I fight the world and battle issues, day after day.


I hope you know that you are the world to me. Maybe even more.