There is something about those 3 words, for they long to be said as often as possible. But not everyone makes their feelings show by saying them. He may be the most outgoing, funny and gutsy guy you know, but there comes a time when he gives you these subtle hints and wants you to figure things out on your own because he doesn’t want to ruin things between you two in case you want it to be a ‘just friends’ equation.

Guys in a committed relationship also resort to being more expressive in their actions rather than words. It just seems best to them that you feel loved instead of the declarations of undying love. Showing means more to them than saying.

Read on to know how a guy says ‘I love you’ in his own goofy and cute ways.

1. The long ‘wanting’ stare

[Looks at you with all the longing and passion] You: What?
He: Nothing.
You: Tell me naa…
He: You are beautiful.
[You smile, He smiles] [His heart smiles a smile that can light up the night sky]

This happens so often, right? Well, now you know why.