Let’s face it, we all have had days at home when we daydreamed about moving out, starting a new life at a new place and, basically, finally facing life alone. We all love our parents and nothing can compare to Dad’s untimely lectures or Mom’s delicious ghar ka khaana. But, living alone gives you a lot more liberty to decide things for yourself and learn by the process of trial and error rather than learning from parental or sibling experiences.

It’s tough, at first, but as things ease out and you get the hang of things, living alone is pretty awesome!

Why should everyone live alone for once in their life? Read on to know.

1. This is my casa

Sound familiar? Oh, wait! That’s one of Dad’s go-to lines for anything and everything under the sun. Guess what? Not anymore. I am away from home, I found this place, I live here so… still want me to do the math here?
Decorate my room with fairy lights or put a huge LCD TV in here, meri marzee.
Small refrigerator in my room because I am lazy, meri marzee.
XBOX den, Batman theme, color changing disco lights for more drama, yeah, same as above.


2. Life is a party. Damn Right!

Life is short and we got to make the most of it. Why look for reasons to party and waste some precious little time that we have? Call your gang home and let the music play!


3. No more guilt trips for NOT taking a bath

Sometimes, it’s just too cold for water to escape the shower head, you see. Frozen water can burst open the pipelines. Why take chances! And, I am in no mood so… Let’s leave it at that, okay!


4. 10 PM Curfew? What’s that!

Words like “Be back before… or else…”, “Grounded”, “Trouble”, “Curfew hour” and “Saturday night sleep” are basically null and void. Who wants to be a buzzkill and get back home at 10 PM? Ain’t a kid anymore, am I! And I can bring friends/boyfriend/girlfriend over! YAY!


5. Sleep for days because body demands it…

… and no one will be around to switch that fan off, sprinkle water on you, snatch your blanket or disturb your religious sleep in any way. Beat Kumbhakaran’s record if you may!


6. Meri dulhan to aazadi hai

Well, well, well… I have been waiting for you! Having the whole house to me is scary, at first because you basically have no idea how a house runs (leave alone the money aspect here). But, eventually, you get better at this.


7. Late night food cravings sometimes turn into 2-hour baking sessions

Since you don’t have to worry about switching lights and moving dishes late at night (can’t do this at home in fear of someone waking up because of the noise), midnight craving have taken a humungous avatar. You crave cake at 3:39 AM so you Google cake and you get to the business of baking the cake, then and there.


8. Bath (whenever that happens) is more of a Spa session

Bath salts, candles, aromatic oils, bubbles, scrub, pumice stone, face pack, mani-pedi kit, desi nuskhe by daadi, hot water and, eventually, a steaming hot you! Damn, I love these kinda bath evenings!


9. Plenty of ‘me’ time

Read, write, sing or dance like a maniac, no one cares because no one’s there. It is great to be in your own company. You learn a lot about yourself and sometimes answer your own questions. And maybe, you will get to a point when you are your own favorite! Life ho to aisi!


10. I am Master Chef!

No, you are not allowed to look in the trash bin. My failed experiments are none of your business. Mistakes make me human. I am learning. I can finally make a decent soup. See… slurrrp!


11. You learn to love your imperfectly perfect family

Absence does crazy things. The first month will fly by in the merriment of it all. And one fine day you pass by your downstairs neighbor’s door and aunty cooks daal just like mom. The aroma haunts you as you climb stairs to your place and then you call mom, bawling your eyes out, telling her that you miss her.

You are at a signal and you see a father with his little boy, crossing the street. You smile, missing dad.

A tennis ball lands in your balcony and a little kid rings your bell demanding it back. You fetch the ball and try to make small talk. But he snatches his property and runs off. You stand there for a few minutes, reliving the days you and your brother did exactly that!


Moving out soon? Take the challenge. You will learn a lot about yourself, life and the people who make it worth everything.