Tonight, we are one. Every cricket lover can relate to this. Dancing on streets is no new. We’ve been there, done that. Let the time come, we will do it again. It has been said time and again that cricket is a religion in India. Every world cup we witness the rage, the devotion, the madness and some of the most endearing moments that we take along with us in our hearts. Cricket unites us in more ways than we can think of. Not only it brings out the throbbing patriotism but also comes with lessons on partnership, leadership and, above all, sportsmanship. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but whatever the result may be, you congratulate the other and make the game memorable for the audience.

Sunday’s India VS Australia was just enough spice we needed in our lives. What a cracker of a match it was! When you have players who are ready to shoot the ball off the boundaries even before it’s bowled, you know you are in for adrenaline rush of the highest order. The Indian team clearly bashed the Aussies in the city of Mohali chasing a total of 160. That run rate of 8.43 speaks a lot.

Take a bow, Team India! See you in the Semis!

How are you celebrating today? Here’s how we do it! Read on.

1. Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne Praise Virat Kohli

Did you see that knock? Virat has been scoring amazeballs. He is in full-throttle mode and won’t stop till he gets there. Virat Kohli owned the game with his unbeaten knock of 82 off 51 balls, including 9 fours and 2 majestic sixes. Even the God of cricket aka Sachin Tendulkar was all praises for Virat Kohli’s electrifying performance.


Kohli’s legendary knock garnered congratulatory messages from fans all over the world. The Aussie legend Shane Warne wasn’t far behind.


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