It’s tough trying to be a morning person and getting everything done when your eyes are screaming for peace and your mind is basically bonkers with all the light and noise making organisms- people. The last thing a morning person wants is any kind of interaction which involves a lot of understanding, answering and one-on-one note keeping, aka talking. Isn’t getting up enough for you? Now you want to talk too? Please, for the love of God, leave me alone till the time I finally wake up.

Parties are no fun either. You reach after 200 calls have been placed to you demanding to know your whereabouts, the cake is about to be cut or is already on your friend’s face as you walk down with the gift in hand (not a good time to give her that), your other half is forever pissed because they don’t have all the patience in the world to put up with this every other day and your parents are like, “Sota hi nahin hai. Saara din phone pe laga rahega. Zindagi mazak lagti hai isko.”

But you are you and you are awesome.


You definitely would be a pro at excuses by now. Anyway, here’s a list for some quick last-minute reference, in case you are too groggy to function, that is.

Read on.