Finding someone to spend the rest of your life is an amazing, amazing thing. You always have someone to go back home to and talk about all the nonsensical things running in the forever running brain of yours.

We all have been through our crush phases, a few broken relationships here and there and finally felt a little sane and happy with this One guy. He checks out on all the things our 12year old self wanted in a guy and more. But how do you know ‘This is it!’ How to be sure he is the one you can take home to your parents?

Here are 7 sure shot signs of a committed man.

1. He Involves You In His Life

Be it a new role in his workplace, a failed cooking experience or his puppy responding to ‘Shake hand’, he makes sure he tells you even the tiniest of things that are happening with him or around him. He takes your opinion in things, be it involving secrets of the universe or choosing what color shirt to wear to that interview he has been preparing for.


2. He Takes Pride In Having You In His Life

Guys aren’t all fable and fairytale when it comes to love. But when a guy treats you like you are the only person in the room when hanging out or even at a party, take notice girl. He is definitely trying super hard to make you feel important.

His friends know about you and some of them, now, are your great friends too. His cousins have you on their phones, if he hasn’t told his family yet. These are clear signs of a man preparing to eventually bring you home to his mom and take things forward from there. He is proud of your achievements and leaves no stone unturned in declaring so.



3. He Respects You And Your Family

He knows how crazy things are, he knows you equation with your siblings and he has hung out with a couple of your cousins as well and he adores them. He knows you are what your family has made you and he respects your values and where you come from. He may not go aap-aap when he talks to you but he gives you due respect for standing by him in thick & thin.

If you have a midnight curfew, he understands that instead of retaliating against it. Breaking the rules once in a while is okay but he makes sure you get home and your parents can trust him.


4. He Discusses Your Ambition, Wants And Preferences Instead Of Bossing You Around

Suggestions are good but he never forces you to do things that you seem reluctant about. He would discuss your prejudices and apprehensions and talk it through to help you widen your horizons. Your choice is important to him and he makes sure he discusses things with you.

Quiet night or party? Where do you see yourself professionally five years down the line? Do you prefer a nuclear family or joint family? He will discuss it all with you in a timely manner in order to know you better and be on the same page as you.


5. His Future Talks Have ‘You’ In Them

Whenever he talks about future, there is more of ‘We’ than ‘I’. When a man loves you, he includes you in his present and future without a blink. Yes, his career plans are centered around him but he makes sure he tells you things because he kind of wants your approval too.

Next month’s Goa vacation, pre-inviting you to his distant cousin sister’s wedding which isn’t anywhere in the next 3 years, random places he tags you in and other plans, you know your man is always thinking of you with him when he plans anything ahead.


6. He Is A Determined Man And Finishes What He Starts

Nothing is more sexy about a man than his determination and zest for what he likes to do. You know your guy is set for a long haul when such attitude is reflected in all the other things he does. His passion for his work is crazy and he is a go-getter.

A man with such qualities never leaves things mid-way, be it a project or a relationship. It takes hard work and patience to keep the spark alive and this man won’t let you down.


7. He Loves You And Makes Sure He Expresses That In Some Way Or The Other

Guys have their unique little ways to make you feel special. Some are over the top romantic while others are shy lovers. Whatever the case may be, he will make sure you know what he feels about you, be it in things he says or things he does for you.

Passion speaks volumes. Most guys are not very good at expressing themselves over texts and verbally but when you are casually walking around in your jamies and he steals a quick kiss or running stairs back up to the third floor just to kiss you goodbye and wish you well for the day, you know you are all he wants.



Love is beautiful and it’s more beautiful when you have an amazing someone to celebrate it with, every day of your life. Stick together! It’s a tough ride but it’s definitely worth it!