She has been your other half all these years. You both share an amazing bond that you don’t even have with your siblings. She is the first person you go to for anything and everything under the sun. And, you both have been dreaming about this day since years. Lehengas, jewelry, shaadi, pheras, the potential dulha in her life at different times in life and much more. Little did you know that wedding isn’t just all that. There is so much you both never talked about and now the feels hit you right in the face as she tells you, “Neha, wedding is ON! Get your dresses ready for Nov 26th.” There on, each day the calendar flips and the D-day gets closer, you get all these new feelings you can’t give a name to.

Are you in the same boat? Read on and see!

1. So She’s Gonna Move Away Now? No More Hang Outs?

She may move to a new state or even a new country altogether. As soon as this realization hits you, the first set of questions you ask yourself is, “Who am I going to see every day then? What am I supposed to do with my life now? When will I see her again?” And if, luckily, she is in the same city even then she is moving to a new place, going to be between new people and you know she might not hang out as much as you guys did (practically, every damn day).

The fear of losing her looms around you even before it happens. Breaks the heart, we know!


2. Jiju Will Be Her First Confidant And Best Friend Now

She has brightened your little world with her cute crazy mannerisms all these years. You have been her rock and she has been your ‘person I can lean on to’. Things are going to be different now and you know it. Her husband and her new family are going to take a huge chunk of her priority list and it is obviously natural. He will be the first person she goes to for everything and your late night gossip sessions will take a break.

It is hard to accept but he is going to be her new bestie. But since he is nice and you guys gel well, good for her, right? She gets two super cool BFFs for life!


3. No Random Late Night Calls

It is months in advance and you are already sweating over this one. It’s 3 AM and you are awake. Your phone rings and there she is, “yaar kal college jaana zaroori hai kya? Ghoomne chalte hain na!” Who needs education after all? College already gave you the best it had to offer- her!

You know you can message her at 4:23 AM and just randomly gossip about something because you want to and she, in a sleepy voice, offers all her support and adds flavor to the madness you both are talking about. All this will unsurprisingly take a backseat after she gets married. Oh my dear heart!


4. What About That Goa Trip We Had To Take Together?

There are millions of travel posts you both tag each other in, making plans for that One day when you both will take this crazy trip to XYZ place and take a billion pictures together. The places just kept on adding up to the list but you hardly ever made it to 3 of them. Now those 50 imaginary tickets stare you in the face with a lost puppy look because you know those plans are probably off. And if at all you guys are going, you both are taking your better half along. But that’s a couple getaway and that couple isn’t you two.

Your little gang is getting more members. You just have to accept that and make merry in the fact that each of you will now have your personal designated bartenders on these trips with you! Right Jiju & my future hubby?


5. I’ll Make Sure Our Babies Are Best Friends Too

That’s it! Your mind is in retaliation and this is the best solution it has come up with.

Dear my unborn baby,
Mumma loves you and Maasi (your bestie) loves you. Just please be a darling and be nice to her kid. Not just nice, BTW! You have to be his/her best friend. Yes, this is pre-decided. No, you don’t have a say in the matter. Yes, you are going to thank me later and No, this is not a drill. ACTION STATION!

Done! Happy now?


6. No More Sleepovers And Post-Midnight Fridge Raids Together

Sleepovers have always been a touchy topic, ain’t it! Earlier it was hard to make parents give you permission to stay at her place and eventually, over the years, you are practically living in her house 1 our of 4 weeks in a month. Her parents treat you as one of their own and aunty purposely puts that custard bowl in the fridge because she knows how you both get hungry at 4 AM after all the mad talking.

What now? This is definitely ending! She is moving places and has a family. You can visit, sure. But sleepover? Why are you getting married, Ankita!



7. Aww Look How Happy She Is. Thank You, Jiju!

The day is finally here. You see her as she comes out of the parlor and you have already ruined your mascara & decently done cats eye! She looks breathtakingly gorgeous and is beaming with happiness to see how Vivek is looking in his sherwani. She can’t stop smiling and you hold back your tears of joy because you are all the more happy for her. She will have two families showering her with all the love in the world and an amazing partner for life.


Jiju, take care of my little princess. She’s mad but she’s magic!