Leaving the only place you know and call home is one of the biggest turning points in life. Sometimes we don’t think about it much at that time but, months later, when you get back home for festivals or vacation and hang out at your regular addas, you realize that you have missed all this. It’s crazy how Delhi captivates you and makes you fall in love with it despite all the flaws and imperfections it has. Yes, there is clutter around and traffic makes you want to run away, but when in an alien country, someone honks, your mind takes you back to the lanes you grew up in and the place you call home.

It’s hard to count the numerous things that make Delhi irresistible but let’s give it a shot! Read on.

1. The Perfect Amalgamation Of Historic And Modern Architecture

Delhi is an architect’s dream. Malls and Quilas are literally few kilometers apart. Delhi woos you in its own flirtatious ways. It has the best of everything that keeps you going back for more. You have Hauz Khas Fort and then you have the very posh HKV (Hauz Khas Village) that is known for its amazing bars and eat-out options. Saket is literally 12 km away from Qutub Minar.

Delhi has so much culture that it grows on you, over the years. Any world class city seems dim in comparison to the colorful and vibrant Delhi. If you have ever walked from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate, you know you’ve had a legit day. Delhi-6 is a world of its own and Akshardham Temple is a marvel in itself. History walks hand-in-hand with modernity, making Delhi all the more awesome.



2. Food!

This article can’t be completed without the Food reference. Delhi is known for its street food and delicacies. This city has too much to offer. There are so many places to miss- Karim in Purani Dilli, Roshan di Kulfi in Karol Bagh, Rajinder da Dhaba, Hauz Khas Social, Chhole bhature at Barakhamba Road, Paranthe in Delhi-6, Giani’s Faluda Kulfi, The Big Chill Cafe and South Indian food at Karnataka Food Centre in R.K. Puram. Damn, I am hungry now!

And we call it Golgappa in Delhi. Not Pani-puri, not puchka. Golgappas are a gift from the heavens.



And the perfect after-drink for the heaviest of meals- cutting chai or lassi.


3. Metro

This has been a fairly new addition to the city, as compared to the other things that have always sort of been there. The Delhi Metro makes traveling convenient and faster. We all have been stuck in hour-long traffic jams and the metro has single-handedly brought a huge change in our overall lifestyle. Most of our hangouts fall near some or the other metro station and it is a cheap and safe mode of transport. Although the metro project is slowly making its way in other prominent cities, Delhiites have been enjoying their rides since 2002. It is crowded but we still love it.




4. All Weekend Getaways Are Just A Couple Of Hours Drive

Delhi has the perfect location for those struck by wanderlust every now and then.

While Delhi shares the border with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Uttrakhand are not far either. Delhiites have Rajasthan’s Neemrana, Corbett National Park, Agra’s Taj Mahal, Manali, Shimla, Kulu, Chandigarh, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Ludhiana, Amritsar, etc. as their default getaway options. There are buses and trains getting you there in less time if you don’t feel like driving yourself.

And you thought Mumbai was having all the fun with Lavasa, Khandala and Goa. We’ve got the mountains calling us forever!




5. The ‘Ice Cream And Walk’ Moments At Rajpath

We all are guilty of having ice cream here in the mid of winters despite the constant reminders by mom to take care of our sore throat. This place is magical. The sight of India Gate during sunset and sunrise is surreal. Walking down Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate is an experience in itself and ice cream just makes it memorable. The lawns are beautiful and one can enjoy a lot of ‘me’ time here.



6. Monsoon

There is something magical about Delhi rains that cannot be described in words. You have to be there to feel it. Season’s first rain relieves Delhiites from the scorching summer heat that soars to 45+ degrees Celsius. Delhi looks greener, happier and beautiful in the monsoons. There certainly is chaos on the roads and traffic suffers but all is well if you have the heavens pouring mightily on you.




7. Dilli ki Sardi

Delhi has an exceptionally amazing winter. All the accumulated chill from the nearby states finds its way towards Delhi. The early morning fog is heavenly. It is bone-chilling cold in Delhi and kind of makes up for the super hot summers in a way. Wearing a lot of layers and loading up on chai is what Delhiites swear by while still enjoying an ice cream every now and then. This is the kind of winter that stays in your heart. It’s absolutely beautiful.




Once you have lived in Delhi, wherever you go in the world there on, a part of you always stays in Delhi.