PeeCee is out and out winning all the love from the world and breaking the Internet wherever she goes. While the West is still trying to understand why this girl from another part of the world is suddenly a rage, Indians (in India & the NRIs) are enjoying it all with a classic ‘I-told-you-so’ look on their faces. We always knew Priyanka Chopra is made for bigger things than playing the same old roles in Bollywood and probably never retiring because let’s face it, PC is getting crazy hot as the years go by.

Not that we all don’t know of this list by heart, but it’s always good to count our merits and keep them intact in one place as she keeps her dazzle streak on!

1. Slaying It At The Academy Awards

As soon as Priyanka Chopra made her wow-wow-whooooom entry in a Rolls-Royce, tongues wagged, remotes slipped off hands and eyes popped out! Okay, not all that is true but Google stats clearly stated so much more. Her Oscars red-carpet white dress was a hit (some critic comments on her plain jane hair, though), her gait was all sassy and she made her mark on the world stage when she presented the Oscar for ‘The Best Film Editing’.

Do you know what her introduction screen tag read:

“Priyanka Chopra, a Veteran of over 50 Bollywood films.”

Check this out:

You go, girl!!!


2. Oh HI, Agent Alex Parrish From Quantico!

If you haven’t seen this series yet, you finish this article right away and Go watch this! Not only is she part of this engrossing series, but she is basically in a very prominent role. Priyanka Chopra has clearly arrived with this one in her kitty. You will be impressed by how easily she fits the frame and shines despite the multi-star cast.


Quantico has been renewed for another season (YAY!). Catch this brand new promo here!

We told you, right? She is HOT AF!

3. Better Watch Out For This Babe In Baywatch!

Wait, WHAT! Priyanka Chopra in Baywatch? Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, who is producing this one and also stars in this venture, announced Priyanka Chopra as his co-star in this Summer 2017 project Baywatch.

Oh yes. Check this out. Who would have ever imagined this happening!


Priyanka Chopra is playing the lead antagonist going by the name Victoria Leeds, sharing screen space with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.


Kill it, woman!


4. PC Won the PCA

Well, I tried to rhyme it!

Not everyone was up for ‘Quantico’ right away. But when Priyanka Chopra took home the People’s Choice Awards, a lot of lips were sealed thereafter. PC bagged the Best Actress In A New Show for Quantico beating the likes of Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, to name a few.

We can never doubt this Aitraaz girl when it comes to acting. She’s a pro!



5. International Singing Sensation

There has been a lot of negativity around this one claiming it’s all autotune. Play her songs! Just watch her go at it. Coming from a small town in India, Priyanka Chopra bagged the Miss World and hasn’t stopped for a second thereafter. She has three International Singles (In my city, Exotic & I can’t make you love me) in her kitty and we couldn’t be prouder.

On a personal note, her songs are catchy AF! Listen to them once and you will catch yourself humming, even if you don’t want to. “I can’t make you love me”, brings out her acting at a whole new level.




6. The Way She Stands Up For Herself And Others Like Her

Priyanka Chopra performed at the NFL in September 2013 and suddenly there was an outrage as to why a non-American was allowed to perform. People went berserk on her Twitter, Facebook, Email accounts, etc. with all the possible racial hate, calling her an “Arab terrorist.”

Not only did Priyanka take the criticism well, she also shut the haters saying:

“Why is every Arab person a terrorist and just because I am brown, why am I a terrorist?”

Thank You, PC! You did the right thing.

Check this video:

7. Owns the Internet & Jimmy Fallon’s Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a big thing in the United States. Being invited to this show and then challenging the host at a Wing-eating contest takes guts, spicing it up takes courage and slaying it is what Priyanka Chopra is made of.



And, after this, Priyanka Chopra was trending #1 on social media in the US, beating Donald Trump!

Wow… just WOW!

P.S. After you are done with all the eating, can I have that dress, PC? Please!!!
So damn hot!