Dealing with loss is tough. You see them around you, they are part and parcel of your everyday life and one day, all of a sudden, gone! Being a fan, some say it’s not that personal. But we all know it hurts bad. Admiring someone from a distance does have feelings attached. Sometimes we just know them by names and their performances but the tragic circumstances that lead to their demise are hard to digest.

Gone too soon, guys! The world was yet to witness the best of you. Rest in peace. We miss you!

1. Michael Jackson

The year was 2009 and it was June 25th when the King of Pop breathed his last in Los Angeles. MJ suffered from a cardiac arrest. With the kind of following Michael Jackson had, there was mass mourning and his fans were seen crying profusely. He was only 50 years of age. MJ, your classic moonwalk will forever be remembered and we sure as hell know there isn’t another MJ walking this earth. We miss you!



2. Jiah Khan

Jiah made her debut in Nishabd opposite none other than Big B. She was a sensuous, charming girl who had her head held high even in times when her films didn’t work well. Jiah Khan was actor Sooraj Pancholi’s girlfriend and he is being accused by Jiah’s mother Rabia Khan to driving this driven, ambitious girl to her doom on the ill-fated June 3, 2013, night when Jiah Khan committed suicide at her Juhu apartment. A suicide letter was found and it hints that all was not well between Jiah and Sooraj. The couple had just fought right before she hung herself from the ceiling fan, ending a precious, 25-year-old beautiful life.