You have lived in a nuclear family all your life and, all of a sudden, you have to start living with a 70mm Rajshri movies-like Khaandaan! [Jitters]

Marriage is a new beginning. Everything you have ever known is about to change, for the better. Why do we always assume things beforehand? Why not give it a logical reason for once and just go with the flow. Living with in-laws has its own perks, wait till you find out. Movies and TV serials have kinda ruined the whole living-with-in-laws thing. They are people, like you and me. Love them and let them love you back!

Wanna know the positives of the Khaandaan we talked about? Read on.

1. Basi-basai grehasti

Was that too much Hindi in one go? Well, here you go then. Imagine moving into an empty apartment that you have to set up from the scratch. Imagine each and every corner screaming for your attention. And, to top it all, you have a husband who needs you too. And, oho, office bhi toh hai!

Now, imagine moving into an already working, living, breathing household. You don’t have to set up a whole new place. After all the wedding preparations and mental & emotional journey, at least, you don’t have this on your head. Thank God!


2. Shared duties

Not everything is to be done by you. Elaborating #1, this is an already-set household. You just get to do the tidbits for now, because, well, you are new here. Take your time to learn about everyone’s habits, likes & dislikes and then you may graduate to higher levels of work, like cooking, once in a while. Also, shukr hai, the bai and all can be handled by Mummyji as she is already doing that. Phew!


3. More people, more fun

Yes, it is overwhelming at first. You are expected to remember so many names when you are barely in terms with the new atmosphere, new house and relations. Trust us on this one, it’s better to be surrounded by people than being on your own. Dinner is a gossip session, his siblings tease you, all the kids in the family want to sit with new Maami/chaachi/taiji. You aren’t just Mrs. to your hubby but also so many other things to everyone. You are pampered and are in demand all the time. So much pyar!


4. No war zone

Of course, the last thing is a fight. But arguments happen as you are dealing with so much on an emotional level. You miss your home. If at all something like this arises, the maximum it will be is a petty little tiff. These nok-jhonks never turn into full blown fights because there are certain etiquette and ethics when living with the family and hush-hush fights aren’t really worth it. You both end it ASAP and get back to being cherry merry.


5. Professional-personal life goes hand-in-hand happily

You can juggle office and home because you don’t have to holistically throw yourself into the system. There is always help at hand. Also, you can always have your favorites, apart from your husband, to go for any kind of work-related advice. So many working people under one roof. And if they are a business-oriented family, you anyway learn a lot of new things every day when things are discussed around. Being around people makes you tolerant and more patient, both are good for you professionally.


6. Weekends are chill

Mummyji: Ghar kyun baithe ho dono?
You: Hanji?
Daddy: Movie dekh aao jao.

Are you kidding me? Brace yourself, weekends are amazing in joint families. The more the people, the more the plans. Some days you are asked to get ready for a picnic or just go shopping with Mummyji and Bhabhi. You have your own new girl gang in the house. What more can you ask for!


7. Homecoming

They understand your homesickness as there are generations of ladies in the house. Work can be sorted and you are free to visit Maika whenever you want. This is not Ekta Kapoor serial’s house. This is a simple household who don’t play with each others emotions. Cut them some slack! It’s good to have people who understand you.


8. Free cooking classes

You are no Master Chef and you very well know your hubby loves his mom’s recipes. Get her to teach you some. Ladies bonding and pati bhi khush… Aur kya chahiye!