No two people are alike. The thought process, opinions, choices, ambition and looking at life, in general, differs person to person. When two people choose each other, they choose each other every day. It’s not a one-time event. When after all the arguments and rough patches, you both still stick together, that’s the choice you are making there- to stay. It’s okay to fight sometimes. It’s just natural human instinct to get things even at times. More often than not it’s the how you fight that makes things more than the why you fight. It’s constructive to fight if, by the end of it, you both sort things out and don’t fight on that very topic again, few days down the line.

Fighting every day is a relationship red flag and if that is happening a little too much, you might want to work things out. When love takes a back seat, things are bound to get ugly.

Do you get into this kinda fights? Read on to find out!

1. Read Message, No Replies

Whoever came up with the blue tick idea in Whatsapp had no idea that Satan was messing with his/her head in that moment. The ‘delivered’, ‘seen’ and ‘blue tick’ have become trouble makers in so many relationships nowadays. So, he read your message and doesn’t care to reply? And then he comes with genuine excuses like, “I was at the gym, baby!” or “Mummy ke saath thi yaar”. No matter what they say, you are furious AF and even though the reasons seem so damn valid, you’ve had enough! And begins the battle.




2. The Dreaded Toilet Seat Madness

Riya wakes up in the middle of the night to pee. She doesn’t switch on the light because she doesn’t want to be blinded in the dark later. She sits and hell breaks loose. It’s cold and covered in droplets of we-know-what.

– For the 100th time, Rohan, why is that seat up, screamed Riya from the bathroom.
– It’s 2 AM! Shut up. It’s just better that way!
– To WHO?
– (mumbled to himself) Me, of course!

This one is especially an age-old fight for a couple who live together, married or live-in. She wants it down, he wants it up! Of all the things they can fight about, the innocent toilet seat bears the brunt every other day. Why does it become a control and dominance issue is unclear.


3. Too Cold? Too Warm? YOU DO IT!

– Why do you have to change the AC temperature every living minute of your life? I am dead cold here.
– Blankets exist, you know!
– So you are going to freeze me in here so you can wear your blanket?
– I am not arguing with you. Go change it to whatever suits you.
– You do it!
– I’m not leaving my warm bed.
– SIDHARTH SHARMA, go change the AC temperature!!!

So, this is where most people cuddle and sleep! Whatever happened to spooning and tucking each other in! Kya bakwas hai.


4. ‘What Do I Wear?’ (For The nth Time In 10 Minutes)

– Tanya, you look beautiful even in your PJs. You will look gorgeous in that black dress.
– I look fat in that one.
– Okay how about the green one we got last week?
– Are you crazy? I don’t have heels to go with it.
– Batao!!!
– Kya bataun Tanya!
– What do I wear???

[30 minutes later]
– Hows’ this, Karan?
– Revealing nai hai thodi?
– Now you will tell me what to wear and what not to? Who do you think you are!

Ladies, please have mercy on the poor thing! He agrees with you, he’s wrong. He suggests you something else, he’s wrong. He is silent, he’s wrong. Seriously, what the hell! Cut him some slack, wear what you feel amazing in and walk out that damn door, not fighting for a change.


5. Wet Towel On The Bed, Socks Lying Around

Whoever predicted the end of the world in 2012 probably never dealt with this mayhem. She got the most beautiful sheets and spread them last night. You guys slept fine and now it’s morning and she is making breakfast while you are taking a shower. She hears the door click open and walks in the room, minutes later, sipping her coffee. There, in the middle of the bed, on top of the comforter is your WET TOWEL.


It’s war time!


6. When ‘India VS Pak’ Makes Your TV Room A War Zone

Yes, you are an Indian but no, you are no cricket fan. You have witnessed this tussle between your mom-dad as a kid and now, you are here and Aman wants to see the match while you want to see the new episode of Fawad Khan’s Humsafar.

– Last time, Aman. Remote de do.
– Break aane do. Phir dekh lena.
– Aman, I want to see Fawad Khan!
– India VS Pak hai, Divya. What the hell!!!
[Divya goes and switches TV OFF]
[Aman switches it back ON]
[Inside TVs system: Can you guys decide without roping me in the process!!!]
[Fuse blows]



7. ‘Kaisa Banaa Hai?’

This one is a classic. Whatever his mom cooks is straight out of heaven’s oven. But whatever you experiment and cook gets a boring nod and theek hai in return.

– So, I came early from office, cut all the veggies, saw the recipe video 35 times and cooked this amazing pasta and you can’t even give me 3 words of appreciation?
[Heena picks up her plate and storms off to the kitchen to eat in peace]
– Baby acha hai!
[Silence prevails]


8. Get-together with the family

– It’s a weekday, Sonam.
– So?
– We both have office the next day!
– So?
– What?
– What, ‘what’?
– So, we are going then?
– It’s my brother’s cousins’ best friend’s kid’s (Varun) birthday! How can we not go to a family function?
– It sounds a distant relation to me!
– I know Varun since he was a baby.
– Ya right! You carry on. I can skip, right?
– He loves you. He will be so happy to see you.
– I haven’t seen this kid in my life.
– You have. [And she tells you about another such function you tried to bail out of but had to go. You met this kid there. And he loves you. Really!!!]

That pretty much explains it. We dare you to chicken out of this one!