One of the toughest test of love is distance. When you can’t see your loved one for months and it just gets worse with every passing second because you so want to be by their side, curled up in a ball and just talk about crazy, stupid things. Thanks to social media, one can stay in touch at the click of a button but nothing can replace the warmth of their hug or seeing them smile, standing right in front of you.


Are you two stuck in one of these hardships? Want to know what it takes to sail it through these rough waters? Read on!

1. Talk Talk Talk

Yes, we know nothing can replace the actual physical presence of someone in life but the constant chatter can keep you from feeling all alone in the world that suddenly seems to have happy couples around. Seriously, what is up with you universe? First, I end up on this alien land and then you put me through this hell of watching pro-PDA people around?

Talk to them over phone or Skype or however you may want to. Whatsapp is a boon! Involve each other in your respective lives and keep the spark alive.



2. Be There For Each Other For The Important Days

Don’t let her Graduation Day go by without a picture with a beaming you by her side. Don’t put off going for his birthday because he may not say it but that would be the best gift EVER! Be there for each other; physically when you can and emotionally always. You are all you’ve got! Don’t let a couple miles come in between this beautiful thing you have created together. It takes ages to find a love like this! Reach out.


3. Watch Movies And Series Together

In today’s technology driven world, you can always fix up date & time to watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or catch the new season of Game of Thrones. With Netflix finally making its official entry in India, you can discover a great series and see it together. On websites like, or, you both can enjoy a quality couple’s movie night. Give it a go!


4. Write To Them

Nothing can beat the charm and anticipation of that hand written letter from your loved one. SMS, Email and Facebook aside, the ink-paper magic is a beauty! Write them random things and send them when they are least expecting it. It will make their day! If possible, spray little of your classic perfume on that sheet of paper before you send it. Mesmerizing!

5. Not Into Selfies Yet? Well, You Will Be A Pro Soon!

Camera is your new best friend. Why make them miss you that terribly! Spam them with your pictures. Working out? Cooking something new? Oh crap! Burned it. Got a new outfit or make up? Just waking up in the morning? Click it and send! They may not be there with you but you can always close the gap with a picture, right?


6. Don’t Stop Surprising Them

Is she stressed out for her exams? Send her a care package with chocolates, a hand written note, flowers, one of your favorite T shirts and lots of pictures. She will go gaga over it and this will absolutely dissolve her tension. Does he have an important match coming up? Take a long weekend, book a flight and surprise him! Making your loved one happy gets all the more memorable when it is done secretly. Your presence is the world to them. Make it happen!


7. Make Random Plans To Fulfill When You Are With Them

Keep the spark alive by planning a little ahead. If she is coming over for her birthday in October, plan a weekend getaway to Leh or anywhere she would love to go. Planning together spices things up and you look forward to the time you both are going to spend together. Sometimes, make beliefs keep you going. What’s the harm as long as you both get the kick out of it and have some super awesome trips planned well ahead.


8. Just Love Them

No matter how far you are from each other, never stop making your special someone feel loved. Say it in your words and in your actions. Stand by them in their rough days and be their cheerleader when they accomplish something great. Say those three words more often and never keep them in loop about anything going on in your life. The best thing you can do when far from them is keeping your hearts closer and in sync. Just love because…