C’mon, let’s face it. We all have had days when your bestie would all of a sudden disappear for days and not contact you or answer your calls. And the only question that bugs you day and night is “What did I do?” It’s awful, we know. After all she is the only person you have been confiding in since ever and if there is something that you did to upset her, you are bound to sulk.

What to do when something like this is going on? Do you just keep calling in vain or is there something you can do to get even and make things better? Let’s find out.

1. Cut Her Some Slack

There could be something terribly stressful going on with her and she is not getting the time to confide in. With office, home, studies (for some) and relationship fuss, there are times when she is just a little out of the loop and wants time by herself. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, right! Cut her some slack and give her some time. She will get back to you. Unless there is something that you said or did that troubled her. In that case, we got to find a solution.


2. Let Words Do The Talking

The written words, we mean. Write to her. Tell her how you are feeling about the Silence between you two and let her know you are there for her in case she needs you. Try to not assume things when you do so and don’t profusely apologize for nothing. But if there is something you feel could have triggered this No-show, make sure you address it in there and let her take it from there.

Do not text and talk. Texts are one of the worst ways to try end an argument because they are impersonal and can be interpreted in a million different ways. Write a letter to her and post it. She will appreciate the effort and see how you are trying to get on the same page as her to resolve things, if the need be.


3. Cook Them Their Favorite Meal And Get It Delivered

We know you are not an expert cook but there definitely would be this one dish you guys have tried time and again over sleepovers (hint: the extra cheese yum pasta, cupcakes, a cute little mug cake, brownies, etc). There are million of DIY Cooking and Baking options available on Pinterest that take less time and the end result is amazeballs. You know how this gesture will make her smile. Go ahead, MasterChef! Show her what you’ve got! Deliver it to her place yourself or get it delivered before she gets back from her office/college.


4. Make A Collage, Put It In A Nice Frame And Give It To Them

A picture is worth a thousand words. Just put together some of your cutest ones together and make a beautiful collage. Girls love such gestures and this is definitely an ice breaker. Pictures make us nostalgic. With all your memories strewn together and packed in a frame in her hand, how can she not call you back and pour her heart out? Give this a try.


5. Visit Them And Plan A Cute Sleepover To Talk Things Through

Who says sleepovers are for kids? So what if she has been MIA. You can get to action, right? Pack your jamies, charge your phone, pick her favorite cupcakes on way and crash at her place to surprise her! She may not be talking to you but this is grand! When you are ready to do anything to get her back to where it was, this gesture will speak volumes. Stay over and let the stars melt spaces between your hearts. We all know the crazy talks and confessions we get going with past midnight. What are you waiting for?


6. Get Them Something Meaningful For Keepsake

Send her a beautiful pair of earrings you think would go with that dress she showed you the last time you talked or give her a charms bracelet customized with things she loves. But of course, there can be more options in this department. Pamper her and make her feel loved. She might be missing you around but not saying it enough because she is mad at you. It happens and it’s going to be alright. A little meaningful gift can go a long way. Gift her something that she can cherish forever.


7. Laugh Together

Laughing is the best therapy. Get together and be your goofy cheesy self. Get her back the way you guys first started. There are times in life when nothing works according to plan, things get rough and relationships strain. Companionship is the only way to take it forward. Hold her hand and tell her you are there for her in every step of the way. She has done that for you a number of times. It’s time you stand by her. Crack jokes and laugh till your tummy aches. Such days are the ones we always remember.


8. Go Shop!

Retail therapy works Like a Boss! Get her to tag along with you to the mall and trust us on this one, she will come around. Everyone needs their bestie waiting outside the trial room for expert opinion on that dress! Shopping gets you new stuff and since when new stuff stopped making people happy? C’mon, this is basic math! Get, Set, SHOP!