Education gives you the skill-set and opens a plethora of opportunities around you to cash on. However, if we do the math, it takes something unique to set yourself apart from the crowd. Yes, talent and personality do come in play but more often than not, you are not dealing with every person at a personal level. People refer you, pass on your business details and, kind of, initiate the business development for you. That business card is the first introduction to who you are and how can you serve your clients better.

A lot of work is involved in setting up a venture of your own. More than courage and talent, it takes a great will power and ability to take criticism. Marketing is an important aspect as it’s the one that gets the engines roaring but before that can kick in, you need a unique business card to get things going.

Here are some of the coolest business cards ever!

You might want to bookmark this one for future reference.

1. Hairdresser

Are you a new stylist and want people to line up at your salon for that classic makeover? You might want to change the way you are marketing yourself. Play a little with the kind of business card you have and give people these cute card-cartoons.

While these are lying around on their workstation or kitchen counter with your name and details on them, who else do you think they are going to go for their next haircut?