2. Yoga Trainer

Why crowd the card with too much information when just a little twist in the making can spread the word across? Yoga is all about less talking and more action.

Check out how this card goes from a ‘plain Jane’ in the front to ‘Hell yeah’ at the back.


3. Divorce Lawyer

People parting ways seems to be ‘in’ nowadays. The West has pretty much never figured it out anyway but our society seems to be catching up real fast. Look at the scenario in Bollywood of late. Since the couple is already considering a divorce, let’s begin the half-half tussle at the business card. This is a great idea for the classic ‘ek teer se do nishane’. Of course, both of them can’t hire you but this can certainly get your business going. The card split will keep you in the back of their mind if at all a divorce shows up in the picture.