This account is on behalf of a ‘self-proclaimed not announcing it to the world’ kinda fan because not everything is meant to be screamed from rooftops. Sometimes admiration is when you try to do certain things the way this person does or when you are in the lowest of times, you go back to his movies for that little hope, happiness and love.

“Chaalu kaan”, another attempt by a 2-year-old me.
“Shaaah-Roookh Khaaan”, corrects my mom.
“Shaalu kaan”, yet another name-thy-love attempt.
“beta Shaaah Rukhhh Khaaan”, says my ever-so-patient mom.
[I look at her as if she knows all the secrets of the universe] “Shaaa ru kaan”, accompanied by happy claps.

So, that’s my first attempt at his name. It was 1992 and Deewana had just released a few months ago.

Welcome to my world where this one guy, basically, rules! You see where this one is gonna go, don’t you? Read on to know why Shah Rukh Khan is my forever favorite guy in the world.

1. Dimples

I’ve always believed that dimples are basically dents left on the face when kissed hard by God before being sent down among us mere mortals as if God is bidding them some sort of adieu with a kiss.

Come here little boy [Muah, Muah] Until next time!

Let’s not get into the science behind dimples and just admire the beauty of the set Shah Rukh Khan has.