2. Self-Made Man

Amazing is the man who is driven and passionate for what he wants in life. And, there is nothing sexier than one who knows that:

Zindagi ke har mor par tumhe do raste milenge. Ek sahi, ek galat. Galat rasta bohot aasan hoga, tumhe apni taraf khichega. Aur sahi rasta bohot mushkil hoga, us mein bohot si musibatein, bohot si parashaniyaan hongi. Agar tum galat raste par chaloge, toh ho sakta hai shuruat mein tumhe bohot kamyabi mile, bohot khushiyaan mile, magar annt mein tumhari haar hogi. Aur agar sahi raste par chaloge, toh bhale hi shuruat mein tumhe kadam kadam mein thokarein mile, musibaaton ka samna karna pade, pareshaniyaan ho, magar annt mein hamesha jeet hogi.

You see what I did there, didn’t you?

SRK’s net worth of $600 million USD makes him the Baadshah of Bollywood. He is right after Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to the biggest & richest entertainers in the world ever.

It gets all the more interesting when you know he didn’t come from money. His father was a freedom fighter in India’s independence struggle. SRK lost his father when he was just 15 years old and his mother when he was 25. In his own words: “Once, my father took me to show a cinema in Delhi. He did not have enough money. We sat near Kamani auditorium and he told me that it is wonderful to see the vehicles passing.”