In a world where people hold on to a pair of favorite jeans more than they hold on to people, having a best friend walk hand-in-hand with you is nothing less than a miracle. The immense love and support you shower each other with gives the courage to face the world alone because, at the end of the day, you know you always have your best friend by your side, to celebrate your success and to console you if you fail and charge you to stand back up and fight!

Do you have such a bond with someone? What makes them your best friend forever? Read on and share this with them.

1. Only you get to see the ugly side of me

I own all the rights to this phone of yours. All my crazy selfies which, by the way, are never making it to any forms of social media (swear on me, woman!), will make it to your phone’s gallery in humungous numbers.


2. Distance is a bitch and it’s ‘Us’ against the world

I meant it when I said, “We are a team. A small little gang.” I don’t care it’s 200 m. between us or 12,401 km. We are in this together. Near, far, wherever you are. I believe that the heart does go on…

I knew you would get that last line reference! That’s why I love you so much!



3. Future plans don’t end at wedding discussions

Yes, our discussions have been on and around fairytale wedding and the Vegas bachelor party before that but who said it’s gonna stop here? No way! I have to listen to you go on and on about your kid’s parent-teacher meeting and be there for all the birthday parties (sach ka saamna: you would mess up without me). We are in this for a long haul.


4. The boys in your life know she’s your first love

Whenever I meet someone marginally good, you are the first person I get him to meet (you know what’s better for me, even more than me). Every person who has ever crossed my life has known that I will always put you above everything and everyone.

I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things… (Thanks for that line, John Green).



5. Break Up talks begin with “Maine to kaha hi tha, we should get married. I am all you need”.

Remember when I and that idiot from school walked our separate roads and I knocked your door the next hour. You nursed my broken heart, didn’t ask too many questions and hugged me when I couldn’t sleep. And when I was going back home, the next morning, you said, “Pagal hai wo. Tu itni pyari si hai. India mein allowed hota toh tere se shaadi pakki thi…” And we laughed. I always smile remembering that moment.


6. There exists a ‘share an apartment’ plan, even if on one of our kickass vacations

Because F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has corrupted us for life and you are the only person I don’t have to pretend around. This plan will always be on charts and even if we can book a resort and chill for what-may-seem-like-eternity vacation, it’s cool.



7. Fights bring us closer

You make the fights with my siblings look like a cakewalk. When you get mad, my world comes crashing down. If you don’t know this yet, you have basically given me Heartbreak Lessons 101 back in school days, much before any guy could muster the courage to date this girl right here.

Even when we are giving each other The Silent Treatment, I am screaming inside to even things out. I feel lost without you. And the next day, it’s all good. We smile and the world is a happy place again. Nothing in the world has the audacity to break us apart. I repeat, Nothing.


8. We know how to pick up from where we left off

Sometimes life comes in the way, people take up space, work takes up all the time and we haven’t seen our own face in the mirror for the last two weeks. It’s okay. It happens. At the end of the day, I know you aren’t going anywhere and you know this too. You know I am just a call/text away. Say the word and I’ll be there. And when we meet, finally, it’s like the months in between didn’t exist. We take it from there.


9. Secrets, pet names, code words, made-up cuss words…

Computer Science Sir will be Teddy Bear.
We are going to refer to your crush as chhattis and mine as choubis (Don’t even ask what this was based on).
Johnson is, supposedly, our new cuss word.
A certain teacher’s way of talking and nasal voice is the way we refer to her in conversations.
Physics is the big daddy of madness.
Canteen wale Himanshu bhaiya ke chilli potatoes should be patented.
Maths tuition class is the bomb.
Exams are pests.

I bet you remember all these. And, I am missing you now. Just come here, will you!