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If you are from Delhi or have lived there for a quite a while now, you know exactly what we are talking about. There is something special about Delhi and one of the major USP is Dilli waale. From being chilled out to showing you who’s the boss, they can go from 0 to 100 within seconds while you will be left wondering yeh exactly hua kya!

And if your direct association is with saaddi Dilli di kudiyan, get ready for this will most definitely go in major adventures of your life. There’s nothing sexier than a smart girl who knows how to get things working for her. And, let’s face it, Delhi girls are a pro at it.

If she’s the one you are dating, here are 9 pointers that set her apart in the crowd.

1. She Knows How To Carry Herself

She has that oomph and confidence to carry that hot LBD from Zara as well as those cute overalls she got from Lajpat Nagar in about 10% the price of those at Forever 21. She knows what looks amazing and she doesn’t break a sweat (or let you break a sweat) in deciding things for her. She can do that herself.


2. She Can Handle Madness

Be it traffic, a regiment of relatives, the bargaining chikchik or everyday metro rush, she has been there, done that. Even though her favorite lyrics would scream “Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky”, when you see her fight her way through life every damn day, you will clearly know that this is one person who doesn’t need saving. She’s got this!


3. Golgappe Are Part Of A Healthy Diet…

… and those who question this are dead meat.

When she says she is watching what she eats, here’s a catch: Do NOT remind her that when she is screaming Golgappe khaane hain if you don’t want a lecture about how it’s just paani and aata (because she is going to be specific about this: bhaiya sooji waale nahin aate waale dena). Golgappas are nature’s cure for a sore throat, running nose and bad days.


4. Angrezi Padhdi, Git-Pit Tu Kardi

This girl has her way with words. She can go chattering in English for ages but also knows the Indian languages. Also, since Delhi is mostly multicultural and she has college mates from other states, be prepared to hear her throw some Punjabi, Bengali, Bihari or Haryanvi here and there. She can change her lingo as per the place she is in. The shy girl coin won’t work in Sarojini and she knows how to get assertive.


5. Dilwaali

She is a beautiful person at heart and if her friends need her, she will be there without second thoughts. She showers people with all the love in the world. She is close to her family and accompanies dada-dadi to the local temple or gurudwara. She may look arrogant but she is a very homely person at heart. You just have to get to that level with her before she reveals her true self to you.


6. She knows The Best Places And People

If she needs anything, she has a designated go-to person for that. Her priorities are set and she doesn’t roam about wasting time if she knows where so & so got it done from. She liked it and that’s why she is headed there. Her list goes like:

Traditional wear: Chandni Chowk
Hot dress for reception: Rajouri/Select City Walk
Kulfi: Karol Bagh
Bags: SouthEx/Saket
Glares: SunglassHut
Everything else: Connaught Place

And, she always knows somebody in some of the best places around so you never have to Zomato your way out of anything. She has done the R&D.



7. She Puts Winter To Shame In Those Backless Numbers in Mid December/January

November to February is the favorite wedding season and she has all her sarees and dresses decked up for the functions. Dare not mention sardi because “what’s that!”. They are born with an internal heating system for these very occasions and it is always in Auto mode. While you are freezing in your 3-piece suit (and hidden warmer inside), she is sizzling at the dance floor in that hot silver skimpy blouse and net waali saree.


8. She can hold her drink…

… and tell you what exactly goes in her favorite Cosmo. She may or may not be a wild party animal but she sure knows what she likes because she has tried different things all over the place and has distinct choices all around. Also, she loves Keventers milkshake. Take her there as a surprise and kitty goes purr purr. You’re welcome.


9. Movies, Politics, Issues, Theatre

Since Delhi is the political hub, this is one girl who will have knowledge of what is going around her and has her own opinion on things. With amazing plays and theatre shows in Mandi House, she may skip Deadpool and go for Anupam Kher’s Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha and be psyched about it. She is intelligent and doesn’t hold back if she seriously feels about something. She will go for that Candle light march and take you with her. She is pretty convincing. This passion is one of the most attractive things about her.