Let me get this straight if the recent developments in the Siddharth Sharma hit-and-run case are to be taken into consideration, is a human life worth anything in Delhi?

A 32-year-old business consultant, Siddharth Sharma, grabs a to-go meal- 4 chapatis and korma, from Nishad’s at Sham Nath Marg in Delhi’s Civil Lines and is seen heading home. He checks the road for any oncoming traffic before attempting to cross it. That adds up well right?

Within seconds, a silver Mercedes is seen heading towards him. It’s actually a you-blink-you-miss situation. It was that fast. Even before you know it, it’s gone. And with that, it takes away a human life.

The Mercedes was being driven by a 17-year-old class 12 student who had 6 of his friends in the car with him. The car belonged to his businessman father, Manoj Agarawal. In a couple hours, Mr. Agarawal’s driver approached the police taking responsibility for the accident. The driver broke down and changed his statement before the police after he was informed that Siddharth Sharma is no more.

So, an underage driver decides to go for a spin and murders someone on the road and as per law it cannot be held against him because he is a juvenile?

What kind of world are we living in? Is a human life that cheap that anybody can take it away whilst on a joyride?

As far as the update goes, the Mercedes owner, Manoj Agarawal has been arrested. Earlier, he was just issued a challan by the police for allowing his underage son to drive. The driver won’t be spared in the charge sheet. He tried to mislead the investigation and that itself is punishable.

Every time I see this CCTV footage, I just cannot shun the fact that it could have been me! And if the system works like this here, it definitely can be me.