Plastic surgeries are not a new trend. Hollywood has been obsessed with the silicone implants, bee-stung lips and Botox since ever. Bollywood is just doing what it does- catch up! When all their life they are in the limelight and flashes of cameras, celebrities tend to get critical of their looks. It’s just so much pressure having people watching, following and capturing every tiny thing you do. Almost overwhelming.

No one is born perfect. We all have our crooked imperfections which, over the years, we embrace and accept as they are. Those in spotlight tend to go for the corrective measures. After all, when you have the money and the necessity, it’s all worth it right?

They would deny it time and again but pictures don’t lie! Check out the Bollywood celebrities who opted for plastic surgery to look the way they look!

1. Kangana Ranaut

Remember the Kangana we all saw in Gangster? The cute little skinny girl with curly hair? A debut like that is one in a million. She did a terrific job. As for her looks, she felt the need to undergo plastic surgery to make her lips fuller, jawline more prominent and, she also opted for a more curvaceous body. We are not complaining.



2. Priyanka Chopra

Looks like winning Ms. World in 2000 was just the beginning for this young and talented girl to go all the way and etch her name in the skies. Priyanka Chopra is a global darling today. Over the years, we have seen her turn into this beautiful woman who doesn’t shy away from going for a few corrections here and there. The cute little nose and the classic PeeCee pout is something she gifted herself, it seems. Of course, no one admits it. We will let you decide!