Sometimes things don’t work out the way we all want. It doesn’t mean we stop respecting the people who were once a huge part of our lives. ‘Relationship’ is just a word for the public eye but for the two people involved, it is standing with each other no matter what comes along and hoping to stick together whatever games time plays. Yes, they may have taken time off or parted ways as the stories go, but that doesn’t stop them from protecting each other or having the other person’s back.

Virat Kohli gave it back to the Anushka Sharma trollers via his Twitter and Instagram account.

He may have won the “Man of the Match” and has been performing magnificent enough to hail him has Sachin’s shadow but this gesture wins him all our respect. Standing by one’s former partner and acting as a shield while the world hurls jokes at her takes guts.

Thank you, Virat, for not being unresponsive, ‘might as well join the crowd’ and the inhuman person that ex-boyfriends often become.

Check out what Virat Kohli tweeted:


Here’s a more detailed post on his Instagram.


While we give them all the privacy as far as their decisions and relationship matters are concerned, let’s catch up on some of the unseen pictures of Virat and Anushka when they were together. They were absolutely adorable!

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