2. Makes an effort to know tiny little things about you

Everything about you is important to him. He makes an effort to know you like a child learns alphabets for the first time. He will take note of your crankiness, your passion, the way your eyes light up looking at that LBD in Zara, the way you are all jittery before an interview and how your voice breaks when you are sad. You are a conquest for him and he will leave no stone unturned in figuring you out, no matter how confusing and exhausting it gets sometimes.


3. A small gift for no reason at all

Girls, take note: Guys do listen. They filter out the important things and keep them for later. No, it’s not about using later for an argument unlike us.

Remember when you mentioned loving a particular story a little too much? So much so that the little you would pick the same book in stores only to see if the ending changes? You casually mentioned it to him and forgot about it.

[Few months later] You come back from a hectic day at work. You just want to crash. Wait! There is a package at your doorstep. You don’t remember ordering anything. You unlock the door and sit down to open it. The same story book. Yes, the story doesn’t change in it but your mood surely does. You smile.

That’s all he wanted.